Weekly Quote 1/52

But there’s no such thing as a completly fresh start. Everything new arrives on the heels of something old, and every beginning comes at the cost of an ending.

-Jennifer E. Smith

2016. It is a new year and that is a chance to start over again. Making decisions can be scary and we are always overthinking. Thinking of everything bad that could happen with taken a new step but meanwhile forgetting to see the positive that is about to happen to us if we take the risk.
It always seems like there is no going back once we make a new … something. May it be related to relationships, friendships, school or work and so on. But that is not how we should see things, all the little aspects of our life are somehow connected and together they are part of a much bigger thing than we can ever imagine.
So maybe next time you should take the risk, maybe it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made … you will never know unless you try it out.
And to make you think even more: When was the last time you started something new? Do you regret it?

See you soon at our next destination!



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