Weekly Quote 3/52

We write to taste life twice.

-Anais Nin

We live on memories, we don’t want to forget the good things that happened. But there are periods in life we tend to focus only on the negative things.
But life is too short for that … it is alright to feel miserable at times but there is no reason to drown out everything positive.
But that is how we do it, we are a nation of worriers.
Sometimes you have to remind yourself how good it was and almost relive the moment a second or third time and to do so write it down. May it be a mason jar of good memories or you writing in a journal … do so, give yourself credit for life.
Often we also have to relive the bad moments because with trying to forget those it often only makes you think harder about it.

Reliving is processing.

See you soon at our next destination!



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