Weekly Quote 5/52

Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?

 Everybody watching or listening the news, knows how much war and hate there is all over the world. Every minute people die, may it be because of hunger, war, suicide or murder.
And if that wouldn’t be enough negativity and loss out there, our society believes that people who hurt others should be hurt themselves. And yes, that is true, without punishment for crime there would be even more cruelty out there.
But, can it possibly be right to kill even more people for improvment of the world? No matter what you have done, killing is no answer.
There is not even a point behind it. How will you be able to regret and really think about your actions if you are … dead. You can’t.
And in how far does it even make sense to show people that killing is wrong by … killing ?! If you tell (your) children that they shouldn’t hit others and a bit later they see you do exatcly that … will they believe you? Unlikely.
So stop proving your point about something that was made wrong by doing the same.

This is such an important topic, what do you think about it?

See you soon at our next destination!


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