Weekly Quote 7/52

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw

Often we just want to forget things that happened in our life (that weren’t positive) and just carry on with our life as if those things never happened. And practically there is nothing wrong with that because it doesn’t help us to always dwell on the negative stuff but forgetting just isn’t that easy.
Most of the time it goes like that by trying to forget we try too hard and instead of forgetting it ends up being everything we think about. When we go to the supermarket to buy something and we try to remember what it was, we remember … that thing and not the milk we were supposed to buy. Or those sleepless nights we spent repeating what happened in our minds. What happened to forgetting? But that is not how it works in life you can’t just forget, our minds don’t accept that. We can only process things but in order to do that our minds will change.
When you install a new program to your computer and it asks you if it is alright if something changes … surely with something new … something has to change, right?
The same goes with our minds we have to accept that not everything will go as planned and stuff is going to happen to us. It doesn’t matter if it is something good or something bad we will always change in some way, our minds will change (grow).
Just don’t try too hard not to change because change is natural. And if we try too hard not to change we will be left with the same feeling over and over again and eventually nothing will change. Because without change our minds will always be searching for something bad even if there isn’t much to be found. It is because it never learned to process everything else.
Imagine a window never being cleaned, over the years dust will settle on the glass and suddenly it will be hard for light to get through. With process the dust won’t vanish but it will be less thick and new dust probably won’t turn as dark.
For some people change is really frightening but that is not really the change in itself it is more the image we created around the word change, we forget that it is in fact the step to progress. We can only grow and turn it to the good by changing. Without change progress is impossible.
I don’t say that we should always welcome change with open arms and not aspect something bad to come with it but bad is just a side effect to good. And if we learn to see it that way it will not be as frightening. Accepting is a step to succeeding.
A step that will lead to progress.

See you soon at our next destination!

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