Bristol Announcement

Hello fellow Globetrotters!


We don´t know how to start. It all began in Bristol.
Our friendship, the idea for this blog and our never ending love for Bristol.

Ok, maybe we are kind of emotional wrack right now – but it has to be said. (we promise no tears yet.)

First of all we should tell you how the whole thing worked out. To be honest, it was a Work Experience from our school.

But why did we take part of this?
We are both in an advanced class for English. Only twenty people from our year were allowed to take part.
We applied both as soon as we could and waited for the results…
Within an inch Janet couldn´t take part, she did not get selected. But, as destiny wanted it, a lot of students left school, one of them was on the selected list.
And then, Janet took the free spot on the list. She was out of her mind (yes, I was really really happy!)

Maybe you want to know more where we worked there?
It is simple. Lenja worked in the Tourist Information, that´s why she could learn a lot about iconic Bristol. She visited museums, the Aquarium and lots of other places.
On the other hand, Janet worked in a primary school in Bristol. It was stunning to see the different school system and to get to know teachers privatly.
And she had a one chance in lifetime: she was able to correct math tests.
If you want to know more about our experiences there, feel free to let us know and we will do another post about that.

But what did we do in our free time?
shopping. But not as you might expect – we went book hunting. Maybe you did not know, but if you love books, Bristol is the perfect place for you.
Really guys, we were in book shops most of the time. Our classmates were  pissed of so that we had to hide our books under our jackets, sneak up in our rooms and then had to lock them away. But to make it short: we got caught.Whatever, to get away from the topic of books – the rest of the time we were outside following our itchyfeets (and yes, we know it´s false – but we love it like that!) and exploring Bristol. Harbour side, Cabbot Tower, University and the road up to it (where most of the good bookshops are).
We started before our breakfast and had to sneak into our Hostel in the evenings.
Our hostel was incredible, it was directly placed at the harbourside but we did not spent much time there.

Why are we so emotional?
We are sad. Bristol was love at first sight for us. (ok, now the first tears show up)We were so not prepared for that.
Janet has never been in England before so it was a overwhelming feeling for her. Even if Lenja was in Brighton and London before, she never had the chance to meet Bristol.
As we said, we were so not prepared for that.


8 thoughts on “Bristol Announcement

  1. Wow! We were in such a state, that we even forgot our usual: “See you soon at our next destination!”
    Hopefully you will enjoy this series just as much as we will!


  2. Sounds really heartbreaking!
    Hope for you two that you can go back there asap you can and I cannot wait to see the pictures! Do you already know how many post there will be?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pretty nice series of Bristol. I think, I have come to Bristol one time with my girlfriend, she is much a conked too! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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