Bristol harbour stroll

Bristol harbour

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Welcome to our first Bristol post. After the really emotional announcement, we try it this time with a little less emotions.  (crossing fingers it will work)
Oh, you haven´t read the announcement and don´t know what I am talking about? Asking yourself why Bristol is so special to us or just want to refresh your memories? Then klick here.

It was our first evening. Our hostel, we will tell you more about in a later post, was directly placed in a way we had a fantastic view at the harbour.
As you can see, there were a lot of restaurants and bars we wanted to visit. Unfortunately, we are not 21. And this is an actual problem in England at least for us. We wanted to just sit in one of those very comfy bars, but we didn´t get in. Yes, at this point we were kind of sad.
In Germany we don´t have bars like this everywhere, so it was special for us. But hey – we could take pictures from the outside which was also very nice .

The evening was a very nice one, we first explored Bristol on our own and first got in touch with English people. We had some nice conversations with some strangers, we really enjoyed.

A stroll in the evening
Water reflections

The night was clear and we loved walking around in this fantastic city.
We had some fights about the camera, because we both wanted to take pictures of those beautiful water reflections.
Somehow we were able to figure out that both of us took pictures, so you can enjoy them right now. You do enjoy them, right?!

Pero Bridge
Love locks

Oh yes, the love locks! Totally forgot them. When we saw them at the bridge (Pero Bridge), we freaked out like little girls. We made tons of pictures of them, but loved this one most.
If we visit Bristol ever again – who am I talking to we will visit it again – so WHEN we will Bristol again we will take a lock with us with our names. It should be a sign for our friendship that began in Bristol. Right at this night.

Ok, it s getting emotional again, so I better stop..

Just let me say that we will tell you more about the restaurants, bars and shop we where able to get in in our upcoming posts.
So stay tuned and..

Restaurantes at night

See you soon at our next destination!

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