Our hostel and surrounding

The Grain House

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

It is or second post about Bristol. This time, we want to show you our hostel we lived in during our stay in this lovely city. The name of it was The Grain House.
It was chosen by our teachers, so we didn´t know what to expect. We were really excited.

Our teachers told us that our hostel would be very central, but we were surprised how central it was. It was placed right at the harbour, so we had an fantastic view.
Everything was near us: bus stops Janet needed to get to her school, the tourist information, SS Great Britain (there will be another post about that), the university and of course those little bookshops we spent hours and hours in.

Oh, and we had a lot of Banksy graffitis around us. Of course there will be another post about Bristols streetart.


You just stepped out of the door and were right here. Couldn’t have been situated better. It was also really beautiful in the evenings than it was dark outside and all the light were shining.

our room

Yes, and here you can see our room. Please just ignore all the stuff lying around, but we were four girls and it was kind of chaotic.
When Lenja and me got home, we just threw our stuff on our beds and were back outside rightaway. How it should be.
It was a very nice room with an own bath, but not everyone in our class had it like this. Some needed to go along the corridor to get to shared bathrooms, but they said it wasn´t a problem.
Our room had a very high ceiling, and because I am bad in guessing, I just drop that part. Have a look at the picture and guess yourself 😀 Tell me what you think it could be in the comments, so that I know how far I missed it.
We had a nice view out of the ceiling window and it was just beautiful to sleep under the stars. The only thing that was sometimes a little bit hard for us to get some fresh air, because we had no window to open.
We just opened the door if we needed fresh air. Ok, to be honest, mostly the two other girls in our room did that, we were most of the time strolling around.

The picture below is taken from a different room. We just wanted to show how nice the view was. In the evening, when we weren´t allowed to go outside anymore, we often sat at the window and looked outside.
Otherwise, there was a gallery we used to sit at in the evening/early night. There were a few couches and boardgames, such as Jenga.

View out of the window
at night

All in all, we liked the hostel. We did not spend much time there, but the time we stayed there, we enjoyed it. The staff was very nice and answered all our questions.

If you want to check out where the hostel is placed more detailed, feel free to use this address: YHA Bristol, The Grain House, 14 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA

We will answer every question you got about our stay there if you have some, or you can ask the Grain House itself with this Email address: Bristol@yha.org.uk

Harbour side


See you soon at our next destination!

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