A curious friend

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Even if the mountain is 1796m high, I met a new, curious friend. Our guide tempted him with bread, so that I hadn´t had to use a zoom for these pictures. At night, he even ate one of our games we had forgotten outside.   It was the first time that I … More A curious friend

Weekly Quote 13/52

Most people give up, just when they are about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown. -Ross Perot We all want to get things done. We all want to succeed. But it is not that easy. … More Weekly Quote 13/52

Snežnik mountain

Hello fellow Globetrotters! As I told you, you now get to see some of the pictures I made at the Snežnik mountain. It was a hard climb, but I really enjoyed it. The cabin was cosy and the owner of it really nice. Adding the fact, that you are able to see Croatia and Italy … More Snežnik mountain

Weekly Quote 12/52

We must unlearn the constellations to see the stars. -Jack Gilbert In our society it is all about standards. One of them is the image of what is seen as beautiful nowadays. All over the internet and magazines this image is shown. Many people, espacially teenagers and young adults have insecurities and self- doubts about … More Weekly Quote 12/52

Brandon Hill~ Bristol

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Maybe you remember our post about (Cabot Tower) . Cabot Tower is placed inside Brandon Hill. It’s a good place to read, just relax or go for a walk. So we just wanted to show you some of the incredible views and lovely inhabitants. Even if Cabot Tower is closed you can … More Brandon Hill~ Bristol

Weekly Quote 11/52

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. -Aesop To be kind is easy. But still kindness is not a common thing anymore or at least that is what it feels like. I can only tell from my own experiences but I often smile at strangers, just random people that I am … More Weekly Quote 11/52

Bristol Aquarium

          Hello fellow Globetrotters! This saturday we will show you Lenjas trip to the aquarium in Bristol. Why she was there alone? Oh, if you don´t know that, you have to read our Announcement we made before we started posting about Bristol. If you want to know more about the Aquaium … More Bristol Aquarium

Cabot Tower ~ Bristol

Hello fellow Globetrotters! Another part of our amazing time in the beautiful city Bristol. The first time  I (Lenja) was alone in Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower, as we there working until different hours and missed each other. I actually found this place by accident. We had seen the tower from the other harbour side … More Cabot Tower ~ Bristol