SS Great Britain ~ Bristol (Outside)




SS Great Britain


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Ever heard about the SS Great Britain? If not, then read this post to get to know it.
If yes, then read this post to get to know more.

It is is a museum ship and former passenger steamship. From 1845 to 1854 she was the longest passenger ship in the world. It was designed for the transatlantic service between Bristol and New York of the Great Western Steamship Company. The ship is 322 ft (98 m) in length and has a 3,400-ton displacement.

Oh, and did you know that you can even celebrate your wedding there? What a stunning place to celebrate a day that special!

The opening times in the autumn and the winter are from 10:00am to 4:30pm, one hour before closing it is the last entry time.
I was really lucky to have come in that hour because it wasn’t busy at all and I only met a few people during my stay so I could really enjoy it on my own.
I would recommend to plan an hour or two for your visit; or more if you want to read and try everything.


When we were in Bristol last october Lenja got the chance to visit the SS Great Britain.

(Oh hi, it is me Janet right now. If you ask yourself why I hadn´t had the chance to visit it.. I had to work with cute small children while Lenja just strolled around the city. Ok, just joking – but sometimes I was kind of jealous. Next time she has to show me everything! Ok, comment over – Janet out.)

Have to say that it was a really interesting experience.
There was an outside area and an inside area (coming soon).
It was all made up really authentic and no matter if you are history interested or not I’m sure you there is something you will like because it definetly is not only about history.
One of the reasons I loved this so much because of the photograph opportunity with motives you usually don’t get the chance to take pictures of.


Loved everything of the outside area, I really like harbours, water, ships and everything connected with that. So what do you want more.
It is not something you see and experience everyday.
In the time we spent in Bristol I got the chance to visit most of the museums there but this one was really different and special.
You kind of slipped into the feet of a passenger and could imagine sailing off into unknown worlds.


I love taking photos of details and this was such a good opportunity for doing this.
Loved this shoes.


See you soon at our next destination!

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