Art in Bristol



Hello fellow Globetrotters!

This time we will show you some of the (street-)art we were able to see in the wonderful and lovely Bristol.
We are both huge fans of art in all sizes and shapes, so we enjoyed beeing in such a colourful city as Bristol.
We saw a lot of Bristol and although it is famous for it’s Street Art we didn’t get the chance to see that much. A lot of the works are in the areas that are not right in the center.
But don’t you say there have to be new things you can do for when you will return?! So Street Art will be one of them, any other tips?

Another one

Oh, we got some Banksy graffitis here. If you don´t know who Banksy is: a lot of people have heard of him but don’t know who he is.

He is a british street artist who got famous by graffitis in Bristol and London.

Wall art
Close up


See you soon at our next destination!


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