Cabot Tower ~ Bristol


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Another part of our amazing time in the beautiful city Bristol.
The first time  I (Lenja) was alone in Brandon Hill and Cabot Tower, as we there working until different hours and missed each other.
I actually found this place by accident. We had seen the tower from the other harbour side but didn’t know how to get there.
I was just strolling around and took the road up the univesity and walked further on. Suddenly I was standing before this steps that went up.
The wheater was perfect, the sun was shining and it was already quite late in the afternoon so it was standing quite low. At first I just walked around Brandon Hill (post coming to that soon) and enjoyed the piece of nature.
Suddenly I noticed that people were actually up there on the tower and wanted to do it myself. Sadly I forgot the number of stairs – yes I did count – but the way up and down was really steep and I was thankful that I did meet no one on my way up.


On the tower  there are two different levels you can enjoy the panorama on. As it wasn’t really busy I was almost alone and it still is one of my favorite memories (alone) from Bristol. It was really beautiful and you had an amazing view all over the city.
So although we didn’t have to time to see everything, up there I caught a glimpse of everything amazing still hiding in that city. So many things for us to do the next time we go there, and we promised already that we will.

Harbour from above

This is only a small selection out of all the photos I took up there but I really like this one. I can’t really say why, normally all sort of cranes and stuff can ruin pictures but in my opinion that doesn’t go for this one. It just adds something to the picture.
And wait – I just noticed you can even spot the Suspension Bridge (post coming soon) in the background.

Evening sun

It was the perfect time to be up there with the sun kind of setting and all but I think no matter what the wheater is like it is always worth it.
But I can’t say what the opening times are, when some days later I wanted to show it to some friends and Janet it was closed but anyway a trip to the Brandon Hill only is also really good. And it is right in the center so you can just drop in whenever you want to.
We even saw a fox one evening!

Old stone

It was only up there that I realised how many different districts and different aspect Bristol has to offer. Although Bristol isn’t really that big it is so colourful and various – kind of reminded us of Bremen.

Colourful houses
To the hills

See you soon at our next destination!

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