Snežnik mountain

on the way to the top

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

As I told you, you now get to see some of the pictures I made at the Snežnik mountain.

It was a hard climb, but I really enjoyed it. The cabin was cosy and the owner of it really nice. Adding the fact, that you are able to see Croatia and Italy from up there, you had an amazing view! It was overwhelming for me, everytime I went up to the top. An experience I will never forget.

For me there was another really new experience by meeting a curious but definitely cute fox. And that up in almost 1800m height! Our guide lured this cute buddy with bread we brought with us from a farm in Osredek, so we were able to see him very close.
One of us forgot a play outside over night and the next morning we woke up, it was gone. We just found some cards which were chewed up. As I said, he was a curious little guy.
The food up there was of course not very varied, but it was really tasty.
But you have to imagine: for everything they need up there, whatever it is – toilet paper, sugar, salt, bread – they have to climb the mountain up and down. And that with a full packed backpack.

Have you ever climbed a mountain? And if yes, which one was it?

our cabin
our cabin
view from the mountain


See you soon at our next destination!



3 thoughts on “Snežnik mountain

  1. Slovenia is such a nice place to be! Very nice pictures you made. Come more reports about this country? I hope so! Am waiting…

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