Weekly Quote 13/52

Most people give up, just when they are about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.

-Ross Perot

We all want to get things done. We all want to succeed.
But it is not that easy. Most often the things we want most are those that are the hardest to reach. The hardest to work for. But they are worth trying.
It is just often that we try and try and nothing works out. And then comes the state of thinking that it will never work out and we stop trying.
And that is where it all goes wrong. If we don’t believe in it, hold on to it and work hard for it, it probably isn’t going to happen.
But our minds work like that, we are not always strong and determined. Sometimes it is just the lack of motivation.
You forget; why you try that hard. You get lost on the way to your destination.
So once in a while a small reminder is the best you can do. Step back for a short time and think if you are really doing the best you can or if you are sure about what you even want to achieve or succeed in. Do you know it?
The basic to success is to be sure of what you are doing. Determination leads towards success.
It doesn’t help to think of all the things that could happen that could lessen the possibility to succeed. It only drags you down further and farer apart from your “winning touchdown”.
I know that it can be really hard because sometimes life isn’t that easy and sometimes there are bricks that lay in our way we think we can’t get over.
But isn’t even more worth it if you worked hard for it instead of someone doing it for you. Try to get other those bricks. Don’t give up.
But what you should know is that even if you give up for a moment not everything is lost; it will probably be harder than before to get back on track but you can do it. Try it once more. And if it doesn’t work … go on; and eventually it will happen.

Try again. Always.
See you soon at our next destination!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Quote 13/52

  1. oh wow that is really motivating! Thank you so much for sharing. You are absolutely right, sometimes you just need to step back a little, watch the things from another view or from a different perspective – then suddenly it all works out and makes sence.

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