bear sanctuary Romania


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

I went through my pictures of Romania and noticed that I forgot some things I want to share. That is why I am going to show you some more pictures of my Romania trip in 2014.

If you haven´t seen the other posts, you can do so by klicking on the posts below. They will open in a new tab then. You could check out the post about Dracula Castle or about the Locals of Romania – oh and of course the post about the Carpathian Mountains.

These pictures are taken at the bear sanctuary in Zărneşti, Romania. It is placed about 200km southern of Bucharest. If you want to more, you can visit there website here.


Rumänien 2014 079

Rumänien 2014 088And even if it is a bear sanctuary, there was a wolf when I visited it in 2014. They said that the wolf and one of the bears had became friends when they were owned by a private person, so that they did not seperate them.



See you soon at our next destination!


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