Weekly Quote 14/52

You don’t choose the day you enter the world and you don’t choose the day you leave. It’s what you do in between that makes all the difference.

-Anita Septimus

Imagine your life would end tomorrow. Would you have done lots of the things you wanted to do? Would you have achieved what you wanted?

The thing is even if your life would end tomorrow you probably wouldn’t know of it. And that goes for every other day. Because you don’t know when you will die and it is not in your power to decide the end.
It doesn’t mean that from now on you should only do the pleasant things and never e.g. wash the dishes again.
Because life comes with ups and downs and some things are just the side effect of living life.
I mean where would we be and how would the world look if everyone would only do the things they like. We probably wouldn’t live that much longer.
Anyway off the point. You are the one who decides what is your story. As an example it is great to be a mother but don’t be only a mother.
There are so many things you can do in your life, such a huge variety and that every day. There are no limits. You are the one creating limits.
It is not always easy to do things you like. Because people will judge you, but should you care?!
To be honest, no matter what you do someone will always judge you for it.  So unless you don’t want to do nothing – wait you will also be judged for that – …
Sometimes it helps to listen to other people because it can be helpful but you are the one who makes the decisions. You shouldn’t be defined by another person.
Or your past. It doesn’t help to always dwell on the past and be afraid of the future.
It is okay to be upset about your past but don’t make your now determined of something you can’t change anymore. Because that is how it is, you can’t change what happened in your past, wrong decisions you made. All you can do is try to do and be better than your past self. Enjoy the present and take advantage of all the good things. Create memories. It is the only time you are living exactly this moment, you will get older and things will change.
The future. It can be scary.
Let’s take Janet’s and mine situation as an example. In round about a year we are finished with school and now there are these big questions: What to do after that? Study and if so, what?  And so on.
It is true that you should think of your future and you can be afraid of it but don’t forget the good things that can happen. There will always be things you don’t expect to happen because you don’t have the power to control everything. So you can’t really plan your future in all its great details because you don’t know. Don’t know what will happen and don’t know what will change you.

But remember, it is your decision what you will make of it.

See you soon at our next destination.

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