Weekly Quote 15/52

Act as if what you are doing makes a difference. It does.

-William James

Often if you ask people why they didn’t do anything the answer will be something along the lines of why should I of all people do anything or something like alone I couldn’t have done anything.
But that is not how it is. Someone has to start. If everyone always thinks that someone else should do it; nothing will happen. Ever.
The same goes for political actions. Someone has to make the beginning. Just as an example: What would have happened if Rosa Parks wouldn’t have done what she did?!
You can’t expect to do big things all at once, the way to achieve something is to take small steps that will eventually lead to a bigger picture. Your actions can make the stone start rolling. If you do something; in some way or another it will have a ripple effect.
The same goes for your words or actions in your day-to-day basis. Often you don’t notice how much damage you can create by taking your actions or words too lightly. It doesn’t mean that you should be careful about everything you say and worry at any time that you could harm someone; it already helps to think of the possibility once in a while.
Why choose words that could hurt someone even by a small chance if there are words that could brighten someone’s day?
That doesn’t imply to lie because at the time being it is sometimes seems better to hide the truth but if the truth comes out later on … it will cause more damage.
It only states that kindness is always an option.
That is the thing; you often don’t know how much damage you do but at the same time you don’t know how much good you do.
Smiling at a stranger … such a small act but often just what a person needs. Everyone has battles to fight. Make a difference. Make their life brighter.
Often we don’t believe that what we are doing is affecting or changing anything. But it does. It doesn’t always have to be big.
For instance; just by writing these words I make a difference. Because I hope that someone will read this and think. And thinking is one of those beginnings to a ripple effect. Or maybe someone will smile.
So or so I did something and maybe it isn’t that much of an achievement but let’s think about it like this: The same time I spent to write this I could also have spent in front of the TV watching some random show.
–Sorry to break it to you – but with that you are not making that much of a difference, at least that is what I think … or do you?
There you have the bigger picture.
If you put it all in relation you will realise some part of what you are doing. But you will never know the full effect. Some parts will always stay hidden.

Make a differnce.

See you soon at our next destination!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Quote 15/52

  1. Wow…such a great article! I have to think about it. I often convert it in actions like environment protection and friends, but not in my realationship, only sometimes… It’s not enough.
    I want to print it out and tape it on my wall!

    Thank you for the lovely articles in general…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Lovely idea to print a post from us, it’s really an honour for us! ☺️ hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming ones as much as the ones we already have!


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