Riga – what I did there.

Hello fellow Globetrotters,

it´s Janet speaking. This post should have been published a lot earlier, but first I had almost no time because of school projects we´ve finished now (yay to us!) and then there was a technical problem.
However, the post is here now so I hope you don´t mind.

I want to give you a short overview of what I did there, respectively what I have visited. After that, I will do a post for every specific activity. If you got questions or anything else, you can feel free as always to ask! So, let´s start!


1.) The old KGB Building – The Corner House

The Corner House

The so called Corner House was used during the Russian occupation in Latvia by the KGB, the Russian secret service. They tortured and killed political prisoners in there, so if you want to know more (and of course if you want to see more of what´s inside!) you have to wait for the next post!

Klick here to watch the post about the old KGB Building – The Corner House

2.) The central market


The central market of Riga is really famous. It´s located in old zeppelin hangars which were supposed to be used during WW2. If you´re interested in it, then you can have a little preview at our Instagram account, just klick here.

Klick here to watch the post about the Central Market.

3.) Panorama view


Yikes, this view! A lovely place to get a panorama of Riga, the suburbs and even the woods beyond Riga. You want to know where I had this amazing view? Wait for the post! If you have an idea where it could be, then feel free to guess!

Klick here to watch the post about the panorama view.

4.) The old town

the Bremer town musicians in Riga

Ok guys, I really have to tell you that I was a little bit angry the first time I saw these guys here in Riga – they look like the Bremer town musicians, but in an odd and (I am sorry if you don´t think so) ugly way.
But, there is much more to explore in the old town of Riga, lovely architecture and cute little shops. There will be more soon!

Klick here to visit the post about the Old Town of Riga.

5.) Riga Free Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour

You will get to know this lovely way of getting to know Riga in one of my posts, so keep patience and then I will tell you so much more about it.

That´s it for today. Hope you like what you´ve seen already, so that you will have a lot of fun with the posts coming.
If you want to stay up-to-date with everything Lenja and I am doing, then feel free to visit our Instagram account or our Twitter account.
See you soon at our next destination!


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