Riga Central Market

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

This time I want to take you to Riga Central Market!
As you can see, the halls are placed in old German zeppelin hangars. It is the only place in Riga where you are able to get a wide range of fish and meat, as well as seasonal fruits, berries, vegetables and other natural bounties.

the central market
When I visited it, it was pretty full – a lot of people were strolling around on the hunt for lovely food.
Special Latvian food was everywhere: Sauerkraut. We know that in Germany as well, but in Latvia it was different. The Sauerkraut was pickled and smelled very sour.
I tried some, but it was not my taste.

But nevertheless, it was quite impresive and wonderful to wander around there.

some fruit and vegetable

Have a look at: Riga – what I did there.

In total, there are five different pavilions. The fish pavilion, the vegetable pavilion, the meat pavilion, the milk pavilion and the gastronomial pavilion.
If you want to know more about them, klick here.

The gastronomial pavilion offers a lot of different food. I tried Pelimeni, which I just knew before from a Russian friend, but it was a little bit different. I ate it with Sour Cream, what as far as I was told, is really common in Latvia.
If you are ever there, then have a try, I loved it!


Watch also: The Corner House – KGB Building

But you cannot just buy some delicious food there, there is a lot more to explore!
Souvenirs from Riga, such as keychains (which I bought one from) as well as a lot of stuff made out of amber ! And sometimes, like in my case, keychains and amber are combined – very lovely and a wonderful souvenir.


the fish pavilion
Here is the fish pavilion, which was the one with the most distinct smell. If you are vegetarian and do not like to see dead animals, you should not go in there, as well as in the meat pavilion.
I also saw a still living fish there, which was pretty hard to look at because he was moving all the time.

I buy keychains in every country I am for two years now and till now I got some from Romania (from the castle of Dracula), Slovenia (where I was at a national park  and at the Sneznik Mountain), London (visited a lot of stuff there) and now Riga.
This year I hope to add some from Kopenhagen and Sweden, where we go in June. If you want to know more, about both, then feel free as always to ask!

If you want to know more about the Central Market of Riga, then visit their side here.

some more fish

See you soon at our next destination!



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