Panorama View Riga


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

As you should have seen in the Riga – what I did there. post, I had a lovely panorama view from Riga!
In this post, I will show you what I´ve seen there and what you can see there if you want to go there. Hope you enjoy this post!


The first question you probably got is where you can get this panorama view. Easy answer: It is on the Latvian Academy of Sciences. It is 107 metres high and  believed to be the first high-raise building in Latvia.

Designing and construction started in 1951 and ten years later in 1961 construction was completely finished.
It is build on a graveyard, on a place where until 1812 a small Lutheran cemetery and a church were located. Architects were Osvalds Tilmanis, Vaidelotis Apsitis  and Karlis Pluksne.


The picture above shows the Tv tower of Riga. It´s 368,5 metres high – and the highest building in Riga.

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Want to know what else I did? Then visit: Riga – what I did there.


The Latvian Academy of Sciences is not far away from the Riga Central Market, as you can see below.

Watch also: Riga Central Market

And if you have a closer look to the horizon, it is possible to see the woods beyond Riga. It is a lovely feeling, you can feel free and can just enjoy the atmosphere of living Riga!


If you want to know more, then feel free to visit the website – just klick here.



If you want to know or see more, feel free to ask! Hope you enjoyed.


See you soon at our next destination!

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