Weekly Quotes 17/52

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.

Goi Nasu

There is so much negativity in our world.
Negativity comes in all kinds of forms. Death. Wars are going strong. People are fighting over religion. Over territory. Fighting. Judging. Hating. Discouraging. Bullying.
The list is long and sadly ever-growing.
And let’s face it; you cannot change the whole world all at once, can’t get rid of all the negativity. But what you can do is change your own perspective.
If you would only look on the negative side without ever catching a glimpse of the good; the ship would go down immediately.
It doesn’t mean to go through life with closed eyes. It is how it is. Life comes with ups and downs. Life comes with two sides, the bad one and the good one. Negativity versus Positivity.
It is the way you deal with negativity that makes all the difference. Once in a while everything negative seems suffocating.
We all know that feeling; everything seems to be turned against you. You seem to be standing inside a cloud of rain you can’t get out off.
But you forget: without rain there would be no rainbow. Without rain everything would die.
It is for you to decide if you only focus on the bad. In every negative aspect a positive one is hidden. It is just that those ones are harder to find. Or that is what it seems like.
Most people search for the bad in good and not for the good in bad. I guess what people are trying to do is keeping themselves safe from disappointment. Not getting their hopes up.
Hope. What even is that? The longing or desire for something accompanied by the belief in the possibility of its occurrence.
Hope is what keeps you running. When it all seems to be bad; hope is what keeps you holding on. Sure thing, hope can be met with disappointment. But what if it doesn’t?
To not hope would mean not to dream.
It doesn’t mean to only focus on the positive. You would be lying to yourself and at some point of your life it would probably crush you.
It just means to not forget that there is always something positive; hidden underneath the surface.
Don’t give up before you find it.
For instance; mistakes. Once we make mistakes all we do is blame ourselves for them. But why? You cannot change them anymore. Even in our hugely developed world it is not possible to turn back in time. So why not learn from mistakes and make the best out of it.
It is for you to decided if you let negativity overpower you.

See you soon at our next destination!

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