Old Town of Riga

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

This time, as you can see it in the headline, I will take you to a trip through the old town of Riga. First of all I have to say that I have tons of pictures from the old town, so it was kind of hard to choose just some of them. That is the reason why there are some more pictures than usual in this post, but I think you won´t mind!

The streets of Riga – calm, but often enough busy. You can see people walking around, enjoying the atmosphere or just having lunch somewhere.
The people there are very friendly, if you got questions where to go or what to do they do not have a problem with helping you.


Riga – what I did there.


Riga has a lot to offer when it comes to architecture,  especially  the Art Nouveau architecture – also known as Jugendstil.
Art Nouveau buildings are about a third of the buildings in the centre of Riga (as far as Wikipedia says). It was most popular during 1890-1910.

Watch also: Riga Central Market

On the left you can see the House of Blackheads. It was built for the Brotherhood of Blackheads (sounds really dramatic), which was a guild for unmarried German merchants in Riga. It first has been accorded in 1334.
The guy on the right side is the sculpture of Roland. It´s a symbol of free medieval towns of the Hanseatic League ,which Riga was part of.
Surprise, surprise – I know that guy very well. As my hometown Bremen was also a part of the Hanseatic League, we got one of them as well.


Ok, here I have to say I was a little bit disappointed first. When I saw this store called “Black Magic” I first thought it offers old books, maybe some stuff that has to do with old latvian myths or anything like this.
But it didn´t. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it – it offers lovely chocolate. And chocolate cannot be a bad thing, can it?

These two symbols were found all over Riga. What the one on the left is about, I am not really sure. I could not figure it, so sorry.
But about the cat on the right I know a little bit. It is on the top of the so called Cat House in Riga, which was build in 1909. And it is really famous. Often it is placed on souvenirs you can buy either in the tourist shops or at the Riga Central Market


So, here is another church. This one is the St. Peters church. It is a Lutheran church.
Since the 4 December 1997, this medieval architectural building was included in UNESCO World Heritage list.

The spacious hall of church serves for concert, exhibitions of art and architecture.
The building was first mentioned in the annuals in 1209. And the present-day three vaulted church was fter reconstruction, made in the 15th century.
According to the model of St. Marias church in Rostock, Germany its altar part was built in the Gothic style.

The Corner House – KGB Building

For me, it was a pretty odd feeling to see something written down in German. My brain was totally set for the English language since I was not in a German speaking country – so my first try reading it was very weird. I needed some time to realise that it is German and not Latvian or English.


Have a look at: Panorama View Riga


Now, there is somethin I have to be a little bit more serious about. If you are following our Instagram account, you will already have seen that I was a little bit upset about these guys here.
They should represent the Bremer Town Musicians (Bremen is our hometown, so I know them very well.). But if I am honest, the ones in Riga are not as lovely as the ones in Bremen. Really guys.
From a distance I first thought they are executed there. Not funny. Luckily they are not, but even if they are a little bit – well, let´s say special – it made me feel home.


If you want to see a lovely Video, that shows a bit more of Riga you can visit it here.



As a last picture, I just wanted to share this one with you. I love to photograph the guardians of a city, as I call them. I have soo much more pictures of guardians, but as there is a lot more to share I just chose this one.
Hope you enjoyed the post. And do not forget, if you want to say, share or ask something always feel free to write a comment or contact us.


See you soon at ounext destination!

6 thoughts on “Old Town of Riga

      1. Oh thank you so much. Looking forward to the post ! What are the offbeat things not to miss in Riga? Like things that you discover while walking around etc ? 🙂


      2. You should definitely leave the beaten paths. If you leave the Central market for example and go on to the Moscow district, there is a small tunnel where you get directly to the river. It is awesome! You can see the TV tower and the bridge and just enjoy the city! I’ll think about more and will write it in tomorrow’s post 🙂

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