Copenhagen Giveaway!

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

As you may have seen on our Social Media accounts the last weeks, we will be traveling to Copenhagen and Sweden soon.
We thought that it would be the perfect moment to make a small Giveaway!

First of all: What will the Giveaway be about?
The Giveaway will be about a postcard – if you are chosen (see about how it will work below)- from Copenhagen or Sweden!
We do not know the cities we are going to exactly right now, but you will see ๐Ÿ˜‰

How much postcards are part of the Giveaway?
Planned till now are three postcards.

Who is allowed to take part?
Everyone. It does not matter where you are from.

How do I take part in the Giveaway?
Easy! You just have to write us your Email Address and your name! If you want to you can do it here in the comments, via Direct Message on Instagram or Twitter or just in an Email till the 30th May of 2016!

If you write us an Email, please make sure that you write”Giveaway” in the reference line and that you give us your name. Why? Have a look at the next point.

Our Email Address:

Our Twitter Account:

Our Instagram Account:

How will we choose who will win?
After we got all entries, we will write down all your names on small cards and put them in a jar. We will pull out three names on the 1st of June and post a video here, on Twitter and on Instagram.

How do I know that I have won and how do I get the postcards?
We will write you an Email or contact you on Instagram or Twitter if your name was choosen! Moreover, we will ask you to send us an Address we are supposed to write the postcard to.
If you did so, we will write you a postcard when we are in Kopenhagen or Sweden.

What happens if someone does not answer us?
Then we will choose another name.

See you soon at our next destination!



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