Weekly Quote 18/52

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

–Lao Tzu

First Word. A beginning. The hardest part done about writing this post. One step of many more.
But that is the thing. There is a thin line between nothing and a beginning.
Without that first step whatever you want to do is inexistent. Just by making that one step impossible turns into possible.
An example taken from your life: You are lying in bed and really crave a cup of tea. But you always drink it with milk; your milk is empty. What will you do; stay home or go out and get that milk.
Now; what do you do with bigger things? Dreams.
To think of it; is a beginning. A step into the right direction. Whatever that might be. Sometimes you don’t even know what it is. But that is alright. You shouldn’t have everything figured out about your future. Sometimes you can’t think farer than tomorrow. That is also okay.
So many people have a huge list of things they want to do in their lives; things they want to achieve. But only thinking will not lead to making. It takes more courage.
It is not good for yourself to have everything about your future planned out. Some people have this perfect image of their future in their head.
But sorry to break it to you; it won’t happen like that. There will always be changes on your way and that is a good thing.
It is good to dream but it can be dangerous to dream in great detail.
Change. Such a big word, isn’t it? Only six letters but so many things hidden behind that word. Change can be frightful but in most cases it will bring something good along the way. When one thing ends an opportunity for something else; something better will rise. It is just harder to find.
Great things take time. Never forget that. Often the way to reach a goal will be hard. And you won’t succeed from one second to another or from now to tomorrow.
But in the end the things that were the hardest to reach will be worth the most. You are most likely to not regret those. And even if you do; mistakes are made to learn from them.
It doesn’t matter how many people will tell you that what you want to is not a good idea. Why should it matter? You are the one who wants to do not anyone else.
It will probably be harder to make that first step. Do it to prove them wrong. But also to prove yourself right; do it for yourself.
And even if you “fail”. With trying there is no real failure.
Often even before starting we worry. We worry so much that the what ifs seem bigger than the possibilities.
That is sadly how it is. The negative things take up way more space in our heads than the positive. But you can work against that by make the possibilities bigger than the what ifs.

See you soon at our next destination!


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