Rainy beginning ~ France

Pouring down

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Another post from only me (Lenja). I hope you all like France; if not just let me surprise you.
It really is beautiful there. I think of it almost as my second home because I have been there so many times (ironically I still can’t really speak French).
The first time it must have been half a year after I was born. I used to live much closer to the border of France so sometimes we just went for a weekend to go camping or hiking.
It has so many different aspects to offer: mountains, beaches, culture, small towns, big cities, food …
Let me take you on a journey and show you the highlights of my French (and Spanish) summer vacation of last year.


Wet streets at night time

We got up that night hours before sunrise and had been driving the whole day all the way to Moulins.
I love to be in a tent when you can hear the rain but setting up a tent in the rain isn’t as fun. Luckily we decided soon enough to stay in a hotel on our first night.
After we settled our stuff in the hotel room we went out to eat something.
After a bit of strolling around we decided on a Café/ Restaurant with a view on the main road. Have to say that I have eaten better salads but it was still alright.
(Random information: My first long vacation as a Vegetarian! Some of you with me?)


Luckily we set outside under the canvas blinds so than the heavy rain started we had the perfect view but still didn’t get wet. I absolutely love summer rains, it is one of my favourite things.
It was the perfect beginning to our summer vacations (the first one with a SLR) and we sat for hours and just enjoyed the rain and the delicious Mousse au Chocolate.

Lonesome ashtray

Have you already been to France? If so, where did you go?

Glass of wine


See you soon at our next destination!

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