End of the world ~ Florac, France

Drops falling

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Although I (Lenja) started the France posts with a rainy one (Rainy beginning), here is yet another one.
Florac is not far away from Le Pont-de-Montvert, in the  Département Lozère. It has about 2000 inhabitants.
The little town is the main centre of the Cevennes National Park  and sits at the foot of the Causse Mejean, over the rooftops you can see the hillsides of the Cevennes.
There is a weekly market every thursday morning, where you can get a lot of things. Mostly food but also jewellery, clothes, books, vinyls and so on.


We had walked across the whole market buying a few things, fresh fruit for later on in the day, braclets and other bits and bobs.
Do you know that feeling of really heavy air where you can almost feel the rain?
That is how it was. But for a really long time it didn’t rain … until it did.
And you can probably tell from the pictures it wasn’t light rain.

People hiding

Some people tried to get away in their cars but shortly the small place in front of the market was packed and noone could really move anymore.
People driving away and at same time the removal of the market stands.


How else loves a heavy summer rain? And the smell after it, one of my favorite scents.
Speaking of favorites, that morning remains to be one of my favorite memories from my France vacation!


Everyone was hiding from the rain. It was actually a really funny scenery to look at, the creativity of those people.

Almost empty street

After it had stopped raining as hard the clouds were still hanging heavy over the mountain tops.
Do you have any memories similar to this one, I would love to read about it.


See you soon at our next destination!

6 thoughts on “End of the world ~ Florac, France

  1. I also love the smell of coming rain! I think there is something wonderful about a torrential downpour and the magical moments right after. We are going to Southern France this September, I’m really looking forward to exploring all of the little towns.

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