Weekly Quote 21/52

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

–George Bernhard Shaw

We are all scared. Scared of failure. Of making mistakes.
The worst thing; rejection. We can’t bare the thought that another person might dislike something we offer.
Putting something out where is always connected with fear. Because human judge.
We are a generation; a population of judgement. There is no denying to that.
It is probably because we want to be assured that we are not the only one with errors. We seek our own faults in those of others.
There will never something that no one will judge you for.
Everyone is different. Everyone believes in different things, has different opinions …
That is why no matter what you do; every single time someone will judge you. Without a doubt.
If you wait for something to be so good that everyone will like it; you would wait forever.
It is important to find someone who likes your idea. And if you can’t find anyone; be that person yourself.
Especially those people with a “successful” life know how it feels like to be judged.
Not everyone wants the best for you. And jealousy sometimes brings out the bad side in people. They want the same as you do and as they feel like they can’t reach it themselves; others aren’t allowed to as well.
Another thing. It is so important to follow your dreams.
But with that it gets even worse. You have to make really big decisions. Those kinds that will change your life. And if you are surrounded by the wrong people no one will support you.
But that is what you have to ask yourself. Do you want yourself to be happy? Or do you want others to be happy about your life while you are unhappy?
It is good and necessary to make other people happy. But don’t forget about yourself. Sometimes we have to be selfish in order to live a happier life.
People who have no dreams have lost the ability to a good life. It doesn’t matter if you have big or small dreams. Never lose your ability to dream. And if you do search for it.
For example singer, songwriter, photographer, blogger and so on; they all followed their dreams. And you cannot tell me that they had no one judging them for doing just that.
But why should we listen to people who only want bad things for you? It doesn’t make any sense, does it?
Everything you do is connected with mistakes. But no one is perfect. We all make mistakes.
I mean … how should we not. You are not born to be something. Although some things are easier for you; you can’t be “perfect” at it from the beginning.
In order to be good at anything you have to make mistakes.
Often we make the fault to set a mistake on the same level as failure. But that is not true. A mistake is only a real mistake if you learn nothing from it.
That doesn’t mean to never make the same mistakes twice; because it is always slightly different. And you will always learn something.
If you just open your eyes. The good things are often harder to find.

See you soon at our next destination!

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