Causse Méjean ~ France


Hello fellow Globetrotters!
Another post about the beautiful nature of France (Mountain).
This time it is not about a hike. It is about one of my (Lenja) favorite evenings of that holiday. It was really that special from an outside perspective but the atmosphere was just so special.
It was one of those days where the rain is hanging heavily in the air. On all the pictures that exists of me on that afternoon and evening I have the biggest smile on my face, hopefully you will catch a glimpse of the feeling I felt just by looking at the photos.

Circling over a forest

In that region we were in vultures are quite common, during our afternoon picnic I counted about 18 of them at the same time. They were all circling over a small forest not that far away.
There is just that feeling of freedom whenever I look at vultures.

Along the way

On that day we didn’t want to drive back to our tent right away as it wasn’t that cozy to sit in front of it. It was such a good decision to drive over the Causse and stop whenever we wanted to.
We saw a few blue corn-flowers, one of my favorite kind of flowers!

Stone wall

The whole time only very few cars passed on the street and you felt kind of disconnected from everything. A good feeling. I could have spent hours just admiring the nature … but at some point it did start to rain.

Off the beaten path

Do you remember this picture from the March Instagram Challenge? (Here)

Herd of sheep

I love sheeps. I can’t really say why, but there is just something about them. Don’t you think so?
We happened to meet them at dinner time just walking and eating at the same time.

Hey there
Black and white

I always admire how they just seem to be following their own mind and manage to get back “home” at the right time without being leaded. As if they have an inner feeling leading them.


Around this time it started raining and I couldn’t take any pictures anymore.
But it was probably well needed although it wasn’t the first rain in that time (First rain, Second rain).
I can’t understand that some people don’t like the nature, what for them is boring is for me healing time.
Getting away from all the stress and admiring the beauty in our world.


See you soon at our next destination!

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