Weekly Quote 22/52

Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.

Markus Zusak

In our society we learned to be drawn to what is on the outside.
It is (almost) always the first step. We look if a person is attractive … or not. Look away if it is the second option. First impression; done.
Everywhere in the world, different “beauty standards” exist, in some parts you are considered as “attractive” and with the same look you would in another part of the world be considered as “unattractive”.
So what is “beauty”? Is it blond hair, blue eyes and a face covered with makeup?
That is a thing that is really sad in our society. It is something that you can especially notice in school. Girls sometimes come to school with make-up, sometimes without it … compliments they only get on how they look if they come with it.
Even the words itself pinpoint the issue, the right term for “without makeup” is “unflattering” as in not so pleasant to the eye.
So many people in this world are insecure about their looks because of these established rules of “beauty”.
What is your own definition of “beautiful”? Look wise and personality wise.
One of the most beautiful things is, when a person is full of passion for something and they talk about it and you believe every word they are saying. Eyes shining and a smile worth more than anything.
There is a question you should ask yourself. How would you look like if people would only see what you are, your soul, when they look at you? Would you be beautiful to them?
And most importantly … to yourself? That is what counts.
If people would see souls our “beauty standards” would be so different.
For instance; the way we treat other people can make us beautiful … or not.
In our lifetime a lot of things change. How we look changes. How we speak changes. Who we are … changes.
But what is it exactly that changes?
From a certain age onwards the only thing that will still grow is who you are. Everything changes you. You can never fully go back to your old self.  And that is a good thing because you learn something every day. If you only listen and keep your eyes open.
The problem is that we convince ourselves so much that we are not good enough and not beautiful. We stop believing the compliments we get from other people and feel like they are lying.
It is true; you have to accept yourself in order to have others accepting you.
You always have to begin with yourself. You can only convince other people of something if you believe in it yourself.
Often we search for faults and flaws in other people in order to make ourselves feel better.
We can’t stop comparing ourselves. And that is something, which is so deeply settled into our roots that we probably  cannot get rid of it. But what we can do is try to change it.
By looking at it from a different perspective.
Don’t flaws make us unique? We all have flaws.  And we all have different flaws. But it is the part where we decided how to deal with them that makes us special.
To get back to the question “what is beauty”, there is not only one answer but many. It is the perspective that can make something beautiful.
If you walk through life with open eyes, you can find beauty in everything.
Even in darkest of times. Sometimes it is just easier to find.

See you soon at our next destination!

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