Flea Market ~ Bremen

Hello fellow Globetrotters! One thing you probably will learn quickly about me (Lenja) is that I am a huge lover of bits and bobs. Vintage, self-made and everything that goes in that direction is something I really enjoy. What is a better place than a Flea Market?! Luckily  Bremen, our hometown hosts a huge one … More Flea Market ~ Bremen

Weekly Quote 18/52

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. –Lao Tzu First Word. A beginning. The hardest part done about writing this post. One step of many more. But that is the thing. There is a thin line between nothing and a beginning. Without that first step whatever you want to do … More Weekly Quote 18/52

Copenhagen Giveaway!

Hello fellow Globetrotters! As you may have seen on our Social Media accounts the last weeks, we will be traveling to Copenhagen and Sweden soon. We thought that it would be the perfect moment to make a small Giveaway! First of all: What will the Giveaway be about? The Giveaway will be about a postcard … More Copenhagen Giveaway!