The Bavaria and Oktoberfest

The Bavaria

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Today, you´ll see the Bavaria and some other guardians of the city.

Moreover, you can have a look behind the scenes and you´ll see how the famous Oktoberfest is built.

For little money you can walk in the inside of the Bavaria, with an amazing view. In her head you can have a seat, but don´t forget that there is not that much place and in summer, it is very hot in there. So for everyone who has claustrophobia it is not a very cozy place.
Have you ever been in a statue? And have you ever seen the Bavaria?

picture taken from inside the Bavaria

Have you already seen: Munich townhall ?

impressive guardian..


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Ok guys – if you know me (Janet) well enough, you will notice that I love pictures like this. I think the guardians – how I call them – of a city tell you so much more about it then every guide could.
Just imagine what this lion already experienced during his life. What he has seen. Maybe I am weird, but for me it´s the best thing of get to know a city. And well, you will see it probably in our coming posts about Copenhagen!

.. who has seen probably more than you expect

And now something the most of you haven´t seen (probably!)
It is the setup for the famous Oktoberfest. You do not know what it is?
Well, then I will explain you the basics. The Oktoberfest is the biggest funfair of the world. Since 1810 it happens every year at the so called Theresienwiese (Theresienmeadow) and takes two weeks time. The most common thing there: beer.
I guess most of you know about this, if not then feel free to ask 😉
However, this is how the setup looks like. Trust me if I say it is a lot of work.
Have you ever visited the Oktoberfest?

setup of the Oktoberfest


See you soon at our next destination!

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