Weekly Quote 24/52

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.

Ivy Baker Priest

Everything comes to an end, sooner or later.
For things to end lies in the force of nature. It will always be like that. Things have an end. But we focus too much on the fact that that is a bad thing. But why should it be one?
We are so focus on the end and the bad we see in that, that we miss the opportunities.
If everything would always stay the same we couldn’t develop and grow. We would always be stuck on the same page.
It is for you to decide which perspective you want to look at but a beginning is always a side effect of an end, the same as an end is always the side effect of a beginning.
Often we don’t see what is waiting for us.
We get sucked into the grief over what once was.
An end is probably not a “happily ever after- end”. Endings are most often connected with us feeling sad, upset, angry…
Only in rare times we connect endings with something positive. But we shouldn’t let it overpower us. It is too easy to get lost in the track of time. Too easy to get stuck.
Letting go is hard.
But so is life, isn’t it? The more it hurts, the more important it is. It is cruel, isn’t it?
The good things can hurt us the most.
It is in those moments of hurting that we shouldn’t forget that there is a future.
Life goes on, no matter how hard your loss is. Everyone is allowed to break once in a while.
But after a time the pieces have to be put together and life has to carry on.
No one has to pretend that what happened in the past is gone but no one should be that close minded to never see the light. The opportunities. The beginning.
The circle of life. It doesn’t help us to be afraid of the end. If it comes we will always be affected.
It is for you to decide how much you let the bad things affect you.
The beginning is the end. And the end is the beginning.

See you soon at our next destination!

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