Weekly Quote 25/52

The marks humans leave are too often scars.

John Green

Every time we turn on the news something bad has happened. People have died.
It lies in the human nature to die one day.
But way to often nowadays people die through the hand of another person.
Has it always been like that?
Sadly the answer to that is “yes” – but it used to be “only” out of defence.
It wasn’t that much better, no one should die. No matter what they have done.
It is so sad that there are still laws that punish people with death. Death penalty. That never made sense to me.
If killing is so bad, why do we express the harm of killing through … killing?
A person who is dead will never be able to think his actions over again. No chance of improving.
Every 15 seconds someone, somewhere is abused.
And those numbers are ever growing.
You should think that with raised awareness it should be the other way around; but it is easier than ever to get access to any kind of weapon. Especially in America.
We just don’t learn, do we?
There are enough mistakes made in the past of every country. Those mistakes should be taken to learn from.
One of the most popular countries where mistakes have been made in the past is probably Germany. The national socialism. In some parts of the world Germans are still known as racists.
And it is true that there are still way to many racists in Germany but most people have learned from what was done.
People often will have more hate for you if you hate against others than they hate against “different”.
Through the time of our school career we got taught about the time of national socialism almost every year, always with more details and more cruel truth.
I would say that is a huge part if the improvement to the better. But there are still so many things to improve. For instance; everyone should finally understand that love is love.
People do not only leave scars through actions. Often it is just the power of words.
Words can leave a big impact on people. Maybe because they seem to be so invisible to others while they are to oneself so present.
Words are harder to notice from the outside than actions.
Self-harm isn’t only expressed through cutting or other physical acts from the outside. Self- harm can also be expressed through the inside. Words can hurt just as bad.
And it is hard to escape those words. Easy to enter but hard to leave.
Every 7 minutes a child is bullied. Not to forget about cyber bullying.
Almost everyone is active on social media. Often already from a young age onwards. Everyone will be a victim of this kind of bullying at least once in their lives.
But 1 in 5 young people experience a heavy case of cyber bullying every day.
Our world has become a really sad place to live in. All the negativity. And there is much of that.
It gets hard to focus on what is good.
It is hard to not leave scars.
But often what is hard is good. Let us make a difference. And leave flowers instead of scars. Kind words instead of harsh ones.
Spread love not hate.

See you soon at our next destination!

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