My Summer Bucketlist – Janet

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Our summer holidays just begun, so it is the perfect time to share my summer bucketlist with you. I do not know if I can do or achieve all of my points, but I´ll try to do so.
I guess some points are easier to achieve than others, but it is always like that, isn´t it?

Since our holidays last ´only´ six weeks and I am in Prague and Berlin for about one and a half weeks plus my internship about a week my list is not that long and the things on it aren´t really big. But nevertheless, I guess it will be hard to do all 😀

To conclude which points I did and which I did not do I will do another post after our holidays.

What´s on your bucketlist for the summer?
I would love to hear what you are up to or where you are going to, so shout it out!

Well, I said enough for now – I´ll just start.



1.) learn to rollerskate
I got old rollerskates from my mum and as I think they are so much cooler than the normal ones I want to learn how to use them.
Probably I won´t learn how to use them perfectly, but at least I want to drive (do you say it like that? Idk) straight on without falling every two metres.

2.) decorate my room
Spending a lot of time home, I want to feel more comfy in my room. I got some ideas and if I do something really cool – I´ll let you know!

3.) spend a day in the library
Summer in Germany does not automatically mean good weather and sun. So if the days are grey I would love to spend my day around something I truly love. Books.

4.) get lost in my hometown
A lot of people want to see new things, but almost no one thinks about what you can explore in your hometown. I bet you think you know every place, but lets be honest, you don´t.
Neither do I, so I want to get lost in our hometown Bremen and explore new things.

5.) travel to a new place
I know that this point is in contrast to the one before, but of course it could be a new place in my hometown 😉
However, it could also be a new place in another city, country or building.

6.) have a family day
I love my family. And I definitely spent to little time with them, that´s why I want to have a family funday 😀

7.) do something good
It is obvious, isn´t it?

8.) get to know a new artist
Music is life. Therefor, I would love to explore a new artist and his works. If you know someone I should definitely check out, then feel free to tell me!

9.) make ice cream
yeah, the weather here is not always that good but nevertheless it´s summer. And summer means ice.

10.) watch the stars
Stars are great. I love the infinity while watching the sky when it´s dark – you know ´without the dark we´d never see the stars.´

11.) movie night
and with that I mean not just one or two films – I mean a whole night (and a morning probably) watching my favourite films.
Do you have any suggestions what I definitely should watch?

12.) print out my favourite pictures
I know that sounds easy, but I never managed to print ALL the pictures I would like to have printed out. It is not that easy.

13.) do a karaoke night
maybe this one is going to be harder, because most of my friends (e.g Lenja) aren´t in Germany during our holidays.
Hope to manage it somehow, but if not: singing along while dancing in your room does count as well, doesn´t it?

14.) make a roadtrip playlist
I want music which makes me feel like I am in a film when I travel somewhere. Not only good mood music, but also music that makes me feel like I am driving into a new life.

15.) draw with chalk again
I did it with Lenja not long ago for an English project (and yes, we are in high school) and it was so much fun! Definitely need to do this again.

5 thoughts on “My Summer Bucketlist – Janet

  1. What a great list! I’m currently working on my own summer bucket list, I think they’re so fun, not only to do, but to look back on all the adventures you gain from them.

    I love the idea of getting lost in your hometown. I’m actually travelling back to my hometown this weekend for a few days, and I might steal your idea. It’s so easy to overlook where we come from, but I bet think there are plenty of surprises waiting there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! If you did yours I’ll check it out 🙂
      Definitely do so! I guess it’s different if you don’t live in your hometown anymore, but as you said there are surprises waiting for all of us!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Madeleine! Glad to hear you are looking forward to it. I do not know how exactly, maybe I´ll make a YouTube channel and put the playlist there or I do an extra post about it. Do you have any suggestion? 😀


      1. A YouTube channel would be awesome! Then it is easier for us to just copy the playlist(s)!
        And maybe you can do some videos about your trips there as well..


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