My Summer Bucketlist ~ Lenja

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Have you already seen Janet’s bucketlist (…) ?
While you are reading this our summer vacations have started but I am probably somewhere in the air on a plane to Ireland.
This summer holidays (6 weeks) I will be away the whole time. At first I go woofing in Ireland and then again France.

As I mentioned in my “About me” I am a huge creator of lists. I have lists for almost everything.
Including a bucket list and I hope to be able to do a few of the things I have always wanted to do.
My list is full of big and small things.


 1.)  Travel alone
I have always loved the idea of traveling alone. A chance to grow individually and learn about oneself. In my past life I have always travelled with friends or family and I always really liked it. But I think traveling alone has something completely different.
You have to be responsible for yourself and I want to “try it out” for after my school career when I want to travel alone for a full year.

2.)  Explore more
This is something general I would like to do more. I used to it quite regularly in our hometown but rarely do it now. But there is still so much to see.
But not only here, all over the world. I want to see more of places than a normal tourist does.

3.)  Dance in the rain
The smell of a warm summer rain. The freedom of bare feet and summer dresses.
When I was still younger I always used to run into our garden in the summer when it was raining.
A piece of my childhood that hopefully will never let go of me.
I mean Ireland isn’t that infamous for rain … maybe it will happen.

4.) Sleep under the stars
I love to go camping in a tent and I have done a lot of times. But I have never slept in the nature under the free sky.
Two years ago in Greece I slept on the roof terrace of our summer apartment and I loved. The sky changing from light to dark and slowly the darkness fading and the blue creeping up again.
But I can only imagine how it must be in the nature. Everything darker and the stars way more present and defined.

5.)  Watch the sunrise and the sunset on the same day
I think we can all say that we have seen quite a handful of sunsets in our lives. And they are always so beautiful. But sunrises?
I never got up to see “just” a sunrise somewhere. That is why I think that sunrises are bit more special as it takes effort to witness them.
This summer I want to get up and go see a sunrise.

6.)  Have a bonfire
Once again something that I used to do than I was younger. But is there something better than a bonfire with good music and good people?

7.)  Lay down in a field of flowers
Another one of these smaller wishes for my summer. Just do summery things and be happy.
There is just a feeling of freedom laying in a field of flowers with nothing but colours surrounding you. The wind in the leaves and sun on the skin.

8.)  Hunt for wild mushrooms
Don’t ask me how this ended up on this list but … I think it is something that I would really enjoy. Sometimes when I was hiking with my family we met people with baskets on the hunt for mushrooms. And besides strolling through nature, mushrooms are just delicious, aren’t they?

9.)  Rope swing into water
Another classical. Straight out of a book.

10.)  Go Lavender picking
Maybe I am lucky and the lavender will be blooming during my time in Provence, France. Last year I read a blog post about someone going lavender picking there.
I imagine it to be so beautiful.

11.)  Send a message in a bottle
Do I have to explain anything?

12.)  Write more
When I was younger I used to write a lot of short stories and other bits and pieces.
Now I still write short poems but I kind of stopped writing stories. I would love to start doing that again. Although I am terrible at getting over the first few pages.

13.)  Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
People tell me that I have changed a lot in the past years. And change is a part of growing up (of life in general). And as I think now I am in such a different position in life when I will be in ten years (definitely not in school), I would like to keep track of parts of my past self.

14.)  Keep a summer scrapbook
Something to keep all those memories in.
Haven’t yet succeeded to keep a journal for longer than a month or so, will try my luck with this.

15.)  Learn new songs on the guitar
I have been playing the guitar now for around two years and I am just starting to get into the harder parts of playing.
Hopefully our neighbours in France won’t mind me playing and singing. J


What about you? Where do you go to and what do you want to do?

See you soon at our next destination!

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