First Evening ~ Copenhagen


Hello fellow Globetrotter!

In this post we wanto introduce you to our trip to Copenhagen! It will be about our first evening there, what we saw and how we thought about Copenhagen this evening.

First of all we need to say that we were really tired, we just had a 8 hour bus drive with our whole class behind us.
If you think that´s not that bad, then just imagine at least four groups of sixteen and seventeen year old teenager with loud music around you – and all groups have a different taste in music. After a while you freak out (not just because it was extremely loud, their taste of music was terrible.)


However, when we got rid of our class we started to explore this beautiful city. The city seemed a bit sleepy that evening, but that changed during our stay there.


The church above was one of our highlights that evening. I do not know the name or any historical background, but just look at this beautiful beautiful church.
Really guys, I was totally stunned and amazed.


All the little details! Especially we liked that it is so different than the other churches we saw till then.

Even if the weather in Copenhagen wasn´t the best when we visited, the first and the last evening were quite lovely.
One thing that was as lovely as the weather during our first evening was that Copenhagen is full of flowers. They are at the houses or in parks – and they smelled awesome.

Copenhagen is full of flowers. 

You can see them above and in some pictures below. If you enjoy them in a special way, just tell us and we do a special post about the flowers of Copenhagen.


The guardians of the city were impressive. Just look at this one above. Or the one below, they were everywhere watching over the city.
You do not know about what I (Janet) am talking? Then just have a look at the About Janet to get to know more.
And again, if you have a special interest in it, just tell us and we´ll do a special post about it!IMG_0478

And if you like the guardians of Copenhagen, then how about the guardians of other cities? Just tell us if you would be interested and we´ll look how we can do it.


We mentioned it before, this evening Copenhagen seemed to be a little sleepy. But that did not influence the charm the little streets had.
The houses were colourful, the streets calm and the people we met nice.


As I said, flowers and flowers and more flowers. Flowers everywhere.
Almost every corner house and a lot of the ´normal´ houses were covered in roses or other flowers. It was amazing to have this lovely smell all around you.


It was amazing to have this lovely smell all around you.


Especially the flowers above had a very lovely and strong smell. Not just awesome on the outside, even from the the inside they were awesome.

Do you know any cities which have a huge amount of flowers? If you do so, which is it and did you like it?
Feel free to share!


An important point (especially for Janet) of our first evening is missing – the little mermaid. But do not worry!
BECAUSE it is so important we will do an extra post about it, which will be the next one.
So if you want to see more, than stay tuned!


See you soon at our next destination!

6 thoughts on “First Evening ~ Copenhagen

  1. Have been waiting for this post! Love it and especially the church Is beautiful!
    Cannot wait for the next post.


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