Weekly Quote 26/52

In the midst of change we often discover wings we never knew we had.
– Ekaterina Walter

Everybody knows them: hard times. Times of change.

Most of us probably don’t appreciate them, which seems to be quite clear. But has anyone ever thought about the positive things we can learn in those hard times?
You’ll ask yourself what kind of positive things I am talking about, hard times are no fun. You suffer not only physically, also psychically. Unfair things might happen to you, mistreatment and loss. 
Often it´s hard to think of a time after this hard time, to think of good times ever happening again.

For example after a breakup. You feel like something is missing, often empty and sometimes you don’t know where to go or what to do.
Your life as you knew it is gone, you and your life need to change.

But in these times, you get to know yourself better. Where are my weaknesses, where my strengths? Maybe you try things you never even thought of trying before. You master them.
Maybe you discover parts of yourself you dislike, but without that you would´t have the possibility to change them! On the other hand you have the possibility to discover new and exciting parts of yourself you never even knew of before.
That´s exactly how it works: hard times will force you to change yourself. They will force you to grow.

Or think about a time where money is rare and you need to be strong for yourself and your family.
You manage things you haven’t been able to do before, because of those hard times. Again, you will grow. You grow into a better version of yourself.
Hard times aren’t easy to solve, no one can deny that. But instead of seeing everything negative, try to see the positive sides.
Try to see your chance for a change, this time for a change you want.

You don´t need to be afraid of change.
I know it can be frightening to dive into the unknown. But in life it´s the same as it is with traveling. You need to be brave and you need to believe in yourself.

Even if change seems to be difficult, no change at all is fatal. Think back. Think about your best memories. Most of them happened because of a change.
And again, you can compare it to traveling. When I was younger, I had some problems with leaving my mum, even if I traveled “alone” at a young age with my kindergarten.
Leaving, changing the surrounding and the place was a horrible thought for me. However, when I was gone I noticed that this change was no reason to be frightened.

Just like there, there is no reason to be frightened of change nowadays. It´s easier said than done, but even if you are afraid there is no reason to stop you.
Nothing and no one can stop you if you do what you love.

Hard times end.  Just be brave and everything will turn out fine. Always remember that.

here just a short note: maybe you already noticed that this quote is late as well as it has a different writing style than the other quotes. The reason therefore is easy: Lenja is in Ireland right now and has no internet, so that Janet (myself) needed to write this quote (and probably the next one). 
If you have any suggestions or comments for the next time, then shout it out and tell me!

One thought on “Weekly Quote 26/52

  1. Well done Janet, proud of you. ☺ Although you did forget the “see you soon at our next destination”.
    We always forget to see the good in change.

    x Lenja


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