Walking Tour ~ Copenhagen


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

This time we want to show you some of the things we saw during one of our Walking tours through Copenhagen.
It is a lot, so we hope it´s okay if we do not say something about everything.
However, if you have any questions about something we maybe didn´t talk about, then feel free to ask us in the comments below or write us a email to itchyfeets.info@web.de!

So, the pictures you can see above shows the old stock exchange (I hope it is the right word for it!) of Copenhagen.
The 54m high tower is probably one of the specialst one in the European architecture.
The upper part of the tower was built in 1625 and just needed to be re-built one more time in 1775.


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In Copenhagen a lot of houses have this yellow-orange colour. As far as we knew the reason for that is that there were a lot of fires.
Wooden builngs should be built new, but instead they used this colour, which should stop buildings from burning. Wow, this explanation is awesome – I know I know.



Copenhagen is a lovely city and full of little things just waiting for you to explore them.



We made a short stop in the University of Copenhagen. The lovely pictures are shown below.


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And as always we hope you did like the post. If you got any questions or comments left, write us! 🙂

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