Weekly Quote 28/52

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust
Pretend you are walking around in your hometown. Imagine you are walking through the streets you walk through everyday.
What do you see? What do you feel?
Do you see the special things in it? Do you notice the little things? And do you enjoy them?Probably you don´t. But guess what: you should.
In other quotes we often told you how important enjoying the little things is, as well as we do now.
Because especially for traveling it is so important! If you can enjoy them, then you can enjoy them everywhere in the world.
No matter if it is in your hometown, in your country or at the other end of the world.

It is easier said than done, so I would recommend you something.
The first and probably the easiest thing you can do is stand on your bed. Not in front of it, on it.
I know that most of you probably just lie in it, but if you stand on it you got a completely changed view of your room and everything in it.

And then, the next time you leave your house, try to see things different. Try to have a closer look at things.
Do you see your street sign? Crouch down. Jump. Do whatever it takes to change the way you see things.
Imagine you are a bug, a frog or a bird, there is a reason why there are different perspectives. Not only in life, but as well in photography.

You´ll probably feel like an idiot, like a child or like a mix of both. But do you feel the fun you have? Do you notice new things?
I bet you do.

So, if you can do this in your regular surrounding, then you can do it everywhere.
Sometimes it´s a different size of changing your view – e.g. when you are climbing a mountain.
At the bottom you feel small, while having a huge mountain in front of you.
You climb it. Step by step you reach a new level.

Then, you reach the top. And you feel huge. Strong. Free.
Let me tell you something. If you do it often enough, you get ´new eyes´ – a different perspective and new possibilities.
See you soon at our next destination!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Quote 28/52

  1. True words! Often, the only important thing is to change the view on things. Since few times I work for a different view to thinks and often I have a great feeling of happiness for sth., what was a normal, non-spectacular place or thing.

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