Animals of Copenhagen.. & Lenja


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

It´s saturday again which means that there is a new post! I thought it would be interesting (and please correct me if I am wrong 😀 ) to get to know some of the living guardians of Copenhagen.. and about Lenja.

I bet you read the About us (and yes, I put this link there so you can do it if you haven´t!), so you´ll probably know some things about us.
So in this post you can see how some of the inhabitants of Copenhagen and we became friends and what we did in our free time.

The swans in Copenhagen were awesome. I´ve never seen so much of them. And they never came so close.
They are graceful, no doubt – but for me (Janet) they are scary as well as they are graceful.
Have you seen those beaks? Dangerous. Totally dangerous. Do you think they´re just graceful or do you feel awkward around them as I do?


Ok, ok – the babies are just cute!



Oh, and here you can see a Lenja in her natural habitat. And even if it seems to be a very small species be aware: if you disturb it during her most essential procedure it can be more dangerous than a swan.

Want to get to know more about this lovely species? Then check out this site:
About Lenja

I love these pictures. Looked like he feels caught. Do not know what he exactly did or ´said´ when we caught him.. Do you have an idea?


This animal above was one of our favourites. It is so fluffy. I mean, look at it. SO. FLUFFY.
When we saw that rockinghorse or rockingsheep (gosh, that word in English is so cute 😀 ) in a shop we wanted to take it with us, but unfortunately we had not enough money and the store was already closed.
We were on our way to  The Marble Church, so we couldn´t have carried it anyway..

Here are again some pictures of Lenja. After I took some good pictures of her sitting in front of the Marble church, she just fell on the floor exhausted by all the effort it had to make while sitting.
Some of our friends took a lot of photos and after that, I had to made the same photos again (they are not very good in taking pictures..), so don´t judge too much.
We made a ton of pictures.. More normal ones like this, embarrasing ones and even some cute ones maybe we will do a post about them someday..

You´ll probaly ask yourself why I can write all this and there is one simple reason: Lenja has no Internet right now so it could take a while till she reads this^^


This picture is not the best, I know that, but I was so proud of myself that I was able to take a picture of one of those cute little fishies in Copenhagen. They were really fast, but came quite close so you could watch them for a while.

Do you want to see more of Copenhagen? You can also have a look at:
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That´s it, my fellow Globetrotters. Hope you liked this post, if you do so then feel free to have a look at the posts above or any other post – there is an overview if you klick on Destinations.

See you soon at our next destination!

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