Weekly Quote 29/52

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein
Running around. Always busy, always up to something.
We can see it everywhere in our hometown. People are always around searching for something they need to do, can´t rest really.

We also know that from school. We finished one exam and BAM, there is the next one.
One task is finished, but another one has already started. Your mind is always searching for something you´ve missed, for something you maybe should have done but haven´t.
It´s hard to find some rest in a building where everyone is stressed, in a city where everyone is stressed.

But if you have a closer look you´ll see something interesting: there are some people finding a way out of that.

They are in the parks, in gardens or near the river. They take a break. A break from the city with all its busy people. A break from what they are supposed to do, a break from all the thoughts.

They just forget everythig. Take a deep breath and enjoy the nature. It is calming, understanding and the most important point for me is that it is quite.
Of course there are loud parts of nature. Waterfalls, some animals etc etc. However, they all have their own silence. They have silence in their noise.
And for the people with a mind searching for something they may have forgotten it is a good place to think about themselves. To sort their thoughts.

I guess that is the reason why so many people like to travel into the nature. You´ll get out of the cities, out of the towns and all their loud noises.
Have you ever just sat somewhere in the nature, for example in a field or at the top of a mountain and just thought about nothing?
I did and I have to admit that it is one of the best feelings in the world.

Especially if you are sad or if you just don´t know where to go or what to do. Just take a break. Get into nature, search a place where you can experience silence.
If you do that you can take a break from all annoying thoughts, and a clearniss will come to your mind.
Maybe you even get answers you were waiting for.

See you soon at our next destination!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Quote 29/52

  1. Amazing quote and words for the situation of the most of us. We all should be more rooted with mother nature. Back to OUR roots…

    Liked by 1 person

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