Weekly Quote 31/52

What we think, we become.
A lot of people think negative all the time. Pessimists.
They just don´t want to think positive. Or it´s a strategy – they do not want to get hurt, so they always think negative and when actually something negative happens they can say ´I knew it.´
This is bad, this is bad, oh and this is really bad.Especially while traveling a lot of people search for the negative things. The bed is too uncomftable, there is no AC, the people cannot talk your language (sadly, this happens quite a lot in foreign countries) etc. etc. etc..

But have you tried to think positive?
Well, maybe the bed is uncomftable but at least you do not spend too much time in it and you can´t succumb the sin to stay in bed all day.
No AC? Take a stroll through the neighbourhood and find a lovely bar with locals you can talk to. If they cannot speak your language – why be angry?
I am sure your most funniest moments in you holidays will be misunderstandings or your try to show what you mean with hands and feet.

I know that there are a lot of different reasons to think negative, anxiety for example.
You really try to think positive, but some part of you always sneeks up and says how bad things will end up.
If we take the example of talking to strangers in a bar, which cannot speak your language it might seem to you that they laugh about you when you talk.
What you say is totally wrong, they won´t understand you and you embarrass yourself.
So you stay silent, you do not say anything.It is not as easy as I say it, I know that. But stop thinking like that.
I bet the people are not laughing about you, rather they are thinkig how sweet your accent or your way of talking is.
They know it is not your motherlanguage and they´ll probably have their own experiences talking in a foreign language.
Take a deep breath. Breathe in and breath out.

See you soon at our next destination!

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