Weekly Quote 32/52

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”


Life can be hard.
And everyone sometimes wants to take a step back from life.
There is something that I have learned. Tiredness doesn’t always come from lack of sleep. Tiredness can also come from being tired of life.
And it is not that easy to cure. It doesn’t get better if you just sleep long enough.
The problem is our day-to-day life; after a time a heavy burden on our shoulders.
Each day you feel more tired. More exhausted. Life is draining you.
Each day it gets harder to get up with a happy feeling. Everything seems to drag you down.
We are more and more delicate to what is happening around us. The stress is catching up to us.
That is why we all need breaks. A break from what is going on around us. A break from the ever-growing worries and routines.
It is possible to push the feeling forward. Pretend like we don’t a break. But for how long?
We are not machines or robots. We are only human.
Sometime sooner or later we will crack under the stress and pressure.
And that is okay. We are allowed to feel emotions and show them. But it is better to not crack too hard. Good to have an escape.
And one form of escape can be really helpful. Traveling.
It is good to stay home for some days and do nothing. Relax.
But in the long run it doesn’t really help. You are still in your normal surrounding and you cannot fully forget your tasks and work you should be doing.
The stress only stocks up and grows.
I think everyone has their own “healing process”, mine is traveling in general but especially the sea.
Put me on a boat, the wind flowing through my hair, water around me … and all my stress seems to be gone in seconds.
Every one of us is different. And we all deal with things differently. The way we react to something comes close to our personality.
But just because someone is bad at dealing with stress that doesn’t mean that person is weak.
There is just a deeper connection on that level, if that is a good thing or not is for everyone self to be decided.
Although we can all keep pushing, no one can do it forever. It lays in our nature to not run on auto tune for too long.
Healing through traveling. Sometimes it takes more time than it does at others. For some people it takes longer than for others.
And traveling can be seen in any way. Whether you go far or close doesn’t really make a difference. Just the idea of it. Seeing new things. Getting new impacts. A refreshment for your mind.
Slowly the stress will pour out of your body and life comes back again.
It isn’t possible to escape life.
You will always be you. You will change, grow, make mistakes, cry, laugh and live. Change is our ever constant companion.
But there are just certain things that are not possible to change. And mostly that is a good thing.
In bad times it is hard for us to see the good in this fact.
We want to escape life. But that isn’t a solution for anything.
Escape your normal life in order to find happiness again even in your daily tasks and routines.

See you soon at our next destination!

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