Papiroen I – Copenhagen

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Copenhagen is such a beautiful city … but sadly also really expensive. And for us as students it was really hard to find food that was at least average, not even to speak about cheap. Each day baguette can get a bit boring.
I had read about this Street Food Market before going to Copenhagen and I just knew that I had to go.
And then we were taken there by a suprise and I can tell you … we weren’t disapointed.


We just loved the whole concept of how this “market” was made up.
There were lots of stalls and food trucks aranged in an old hall.
And let me tell you … there isn’t much that you can’t find to eat there! I couldn’t decide and wanted to try everything. And it was also really good for me as a Vegetarian and I hadn’t really any trouble to find something suitable to eat. I am quite certain that there are also Vegan options to find. DSC00780Every bin was made up with a saying that made you just want to use the bin. Things as “save dory” and other funny things.

DSC00789On their website you can find more details to each stall and you can also reservate tables beforhand which is maybe recommendable if the wheater isn’t as good as that you can sit outside or you have something special planned.
The opening hours are on Monday to Wednesday + Sunday from 12-21 and Thursday to Samedy 12-22.

DSC00795The place I ate something from “Il Mattarello” ( , I just had to as a lover of pasta. They make these amazing fresh made pasta. I just checked, you can also have vegan options there. I can tell you it tasted so good!


Okay … I guess you probably wanted to know about the prices?!
Well … in Copenhagen nothing is really cheap. But the prices here are … okay. It is not like you can eat there every day I would say. But just do it maybe as a treatmeant for yourself.
It just has such a special atmoshphere and to some parts it reminded me a bit of the Camden Market in London.
I think it is also a really good place to take someone on a date. It is just something different from your normal Restaurant and Fast Food. Most things there are considered as Fast Food but fancy Fast Food?!


And for sure you can also get something to drink. The smoothies and juices all looked really good and ours from “Juicen” was also so tasty.


Inside the hall are a lot of seating arangements to find but as I said … it is really crowded and a chance of finding a seat isn’t so high.
But the outside area is also really good, another post about that coming soon.
We hope that you enjoyed this post and maybe go there some day.
If so, tell us about your experiences!


See you soon at our next destination!

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