Papiroen II – Copenhagen

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
On this one there isn’t much to say as I already told you the main things about this Food Market in the first part about Papiroen, one of the best Street Food Markets we have been to.
Not only is the inside part worth a visit and for sure let’s not forget about the amazing food … the outside area is just as good as well.
I would especially recommend a trip there, while the sun is setting.
Or in general the evening time is probably the best time to go there (in my opinion), although you could go there just as well for lunch.


It was around evening time when we went there to eat.
That evening was in terms of wheater the best one. It did rain for a short time but luckily we were inside. Doing our best to master the hard challenge of choosing something to eat out of all the appealing things.

As you can see the place was really crowded but apart from the tables there are also chairs and palettes to sit on.
I just love the concept that everything is kind of made out of already used things, like containers and so on.

I love the contrasts in this picture.
Again I must say the whole of Papiroen was one of my highlights during the five days we stayed in Copenhagen. So I hope that you also enjoyed this two-parter.
Have you already seen our other posts about Copenhagen? (Hop On Hop Off Nyhavn by night Marble Church Walking Tour The little mermaid )

See you soon at our next destination!

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