Weekly Quote 33/52

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

–Barry Finlay

Our life is full of burdens. There are so many things that make it harder for us, stones falling in our path.
To go through life with open eyes and feel happy; there are so many things out there that keep us away from that. Wars, crimes, loss, grieve, disappointment… A never ending list.
Every day many cruel things happen in our world. And our “developed” world with all the new technology is not really helping to make this any better … if not worse in a lot of cases.
Sadly the Internet is not a place of positive feelings and love. You can find them … but they are hard to find. It is easy to get lost in all the negativity.
Hate comments, people spreading their dislikes over things or other people. But what we must do, is (just) fight through it.
The things that are hard to find are worth fighting for. Only if you find good and focus on the positive things in the mess of negativity, you will live a happier life.
And one of the things that make us go further is to dream.
People have dreams. We all do. But those that really believe in them and try to make those dreams into plans are often put off as `dreamers`.
And sadly that word is often connected with a judgement.
Don’t listen to that. They probably only judge you because they weren’t as strong as you are and gave up on their own dreams.
If you try and try and try once more you will eventually get there. Just don’t give up.
And even if you do at a time of weakness – you can still try again. Keep climbing.
Big things are reached through small steps.
It will be hard. There will be many stones in your path. The path won’t go straight up. You will get lost. You will have to turn around once you get lost on your way. Sometimes you will feel like all you do is go up, other times you will feel like all you do is go down.
People who made their dreams come true did not just do it. That would be wishful thinking. It is not that easy. Or easy at all.
In order to reach something you have to turn your “dreams” into “plans. We are all “dreamers” but there are only a few that can call themselves “happeners”.
In the tunnel of darkness you must find the light switch.
It will take time and some people have to walk through darkness for most of their lives.
Life isn’t about walking in bright sunshine. But it is about seeing glimpses of light through a world of shadows. The shadows of failure, hate and all the other negative things.
It does need strength to see every step as a step closer to our goals, a step closer to our personal mountain tops.
The way to the top is possible. With turns. And stones.
If you just keep going.

See you soon at our next destination!

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