Breminale ~ Germany

Hello fellow Globetrotters!
Another post about our lovely hometown Bremen.
Every summer a small festival happens around here. With various bands, time for dancing, food, children programme, readings and many more things.
The artists are local artists but also a few well-known artists are present every year.
One of the best things is that it is all free, apart from the food and so on.
Last year I went there in the morning when everything was still closed.


This year it happened from the 13th to 17th July, unfortunately I was in France during that time and if you believe or not .. in Florac German people sat next to us and randomly started speaking about the Breminale. This world is small!
If you find yourself in Bremen around the time this summer festival happens be sure to check it out.
Everyone can find something they like. May it be the different music styles, the food, the atmosphere …






Through the tunnel you get to another place with a few more bits and pieces.
I find the atmosphere especially beautiful with the white lights, hammocks and it is not as busy. I love to the evening here eating a very delicious “Flammkuchen”, a tarte flambée.







The food in general is really  good. You can get almost anything from Crepes, bread, chocolate, pizza and so on.
Would you like to see more things of these kind on here? What is your favorite local festival to go to?


See you soon at our next destination!


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