St. Petri Church -Malmö, Sweden


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Another place we went to this summer was Malmö in Sweden. Unfortunately only for around two hours, so we didn’t have a chance to really see a lot about the city.
If you are in  Copenhagen or somewhere else in Denmark not to far away from where the ferry boats leave it is maybe a good idea to also visit Sweden, that is what we did.
We were strolling around the streets and just admiring the city as we came across the St. Petri Church. I always like it better if I discover things without having known about it beforehand. The St. Petri-Church is the oldest church of Malmö, the church was build around 1380.

The church was build in the construction style of french-baltic red brick Gothic and has several chapels. Typical for this building style are high vault and windows with lancet arch. The form of the church should remind of the crucifixion of Christus.

We were both amazed by the “Krämerkapelle”, it gives you an insight of how the church once was, before the Reformation.
You can see a lot of figures and mixed versions between human and animals painted on the walls.
Today it is mostly used for baptizing.


I have to admit it wasn’t the most beautiful church I have ever been to but it was something a bit different.
It is a good option for maybe a rainy day or just in general something to spice up your trip to a city.

See you soon at our next destination!

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