Weekly Quote 34/52

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

–Jon Kabat- Zinn

We all have phases in life where we find it hard to cope with our living situations. At certain points there are far too many things that constantly bother us.
All we want to do is escape those situations, but escape isn’t always an option.
Most of the time you can’t just pack up your stuff and get away as far as possible. It probably wouldn’t even help.
Because if you don’t change what is making you uneasy and just leave it the way it is, your mind will always be going back to it, even if you are miles and miles away.
It just isn’t that easy to let (bad) stuff go.
I am not trying to say that we can change everything that we don’t like. What I am talking about are those things that really make you unhappy.
It could be whatever. Everyone has different things that make them really unhappy. May it be a person that keeps on disappointing you and make you feel bad about yourself, it might be time to let go of that person.
Or a job placement that makes you really unhappy about what you are doing.
Sometimes it is just a phase and we have to fight through it but if it is something constant; try to change something about it.
I am not telling you to quit your job but to maybe think about what could be changed to make it an easier and better situation for you. Especially if it is something you have to deal with on a daily basis.
No matter what you do and how easy-going you are there will always be something that will annoy you. Things that make you angry.
But there is a huge difference between angry and unhappy.
We shouldn’t be content with us being unhappy most of the time. And you shouldn’t learn to live with unhappiness. Those cases are the ones you should work on changing. Which can be a really long process. But in the end it won’t matter how long or how hard. What will matter is that you did it.
And even if what makes you unhappy is not something as a job or a person but moreover your life, try to find things that will make you happy. Because we all deserve to be happy.
But then there are at the same time things that you are just not so fond of. Those are the things that we have to learn to accept (more or less) and learn to deal with them.
There is no way that is only easy, there never was and there will never be one. There will always be complications and problems on our way. Negativity is our ever constant companion. Mostly due to other people.
And sometimes we just have to learn to not run away. Escape is not an option.
It will probably go like this: You avoid a situation that you don’t like for days on end. You try to forget about it but the longer and harder you try to forget, the more you will think about it.
And even if you manage to “escape” in one way or another, new problems will arise.
You will run from one trapped door to another. And in order to get the key for one of those doors, you need to confront the problem.
We can’t stop the waves of negativity and bad things but we sure can try to deal with the waves and not crash in the midst of them. That is what we owe ourselves.

See you soon at our next destination!

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