My first impression – Ireland


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

Since I was a small child I always had the desire to go to Ireland one day, I just knew that I would love it. The calm, the green …
I decided to travel alone this summer and tried to think of a way to travel as cheap as possible and I needed to pay attention to me not being eightteen yet, which can be quite a struggle while traveling alone.
For example WWOOFing (WorldwideWorkingOnOrganicFarms), I always thought it is only for people who are eightteen or older.
Which is true as far as I know apart from two countries and one of those happened to be Ireland (the other one Portugal) … I mean I just had to choose Ireland, didn’t I?!
Would you like to see a blogpost where I talk about my WWOOFing- experience?


The first Farm I worked on was in the area of Sligo and I went for a walk shortly after I arrived there … and fell in love with Ireland.
Although I was really tired that day due to my long journey I was so amazed by the beautiful landscape and was probably walking around with my mouth wide open.
I mean I knew it would be green but I wasn’t prepared for that much green.



I got lucky on my first walk, that day it had been raining quite a lot in Ireland (typical) but during my time outside it didn’t, the sun even came out for a few minutes.
Everything was covered in tiny drops and appeared even more greenish.


Another thing typical for Ireland are these stonewalls.
They make up an important part of the landscape and give it all a special taste. (even more)


Not to forget about all the animals; sheep, cows, sheep, horses … did I say sheep?!


Also don’t you just love theses paths?! I couldn’t stop looking and taking pcitures. Just on this walk (about an hour) I took up to 200 pictures.
But that is also just the thing about Ireland, the landscape changes with the constellation of the clouds. I feel like if you look away for only a few seconds everything looks different already.




I wasn’t disappointed by what I got to see in Ireland and I would recommend for everyone to go there. And I know without doubt that I will go there again.
I hope you are ready for more beautiful nature and some Irish feelings. Is there anything in specific that you would like to see or know?


See you soon at our next destination!

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