Beach Walk ~ Ireland


Hello fellow Globetrotters!

The last time I showed you how I experienced my first walk and got to know the beautiful landscape of Ireland.
On my second day after we had finished working for the day on the farm, my WWOOFing-family took me to the beach, to experience a different side of the evergreen Ireland.



The contrast of the ocean and the coast really got me. The green against the blue, my two favorite colours.
And what I just love about this picture is how you can see the outlines of the mountains in the background.


What I was really suprised about how empty the beach was.
The irish landscape in general, it was July and still you didn’t really meet more than two people on your strolls around  the nature, if you even met a single soul apart from all the sheep, cows …
I have to admit the whole time it wasn’t really warm but on this day the sun even was out after it had rained a couple of times throughout the day.


We were alone with this man and his dog on the beach.

Again something typical for Ireland are these remains of old houses scattered across the landscape.



I hope you enjoyed this post about the oceanside of Ireland, close to Sligo Bay. Even if it is too cold to go for a swim I would recommend going for walks and just exploring the area.
Have you ever been to Ireland? And if not, would you like to go?


See you soon at our next destination!

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